You said it...


Bonnie B
I just had to write to tell you what a PHENOMENAL music teacher I think you are.  I was really moved by how much you have managed to teach our children this year, not only in terms of cognitive information and musical skill, but also in motivation, behavior, etiquette, self-control, support of their classmates, etc. etc. etc.!!  (I  am actually getting teary even as I write this!) 
  It is clear that the children sense your high expectations for them, but without any of the high pressure that typically accompanies that.  You have truly shown them how to ENJOY developing their musical skills.  I want you to know that I think it would be really hard to find a music teacher as wonderful as you are. So please accept my heartfelt thanks. I really appreciate your using your gifts to nurture our children's development


Lynn C
My boys have known Ruth for many years in her role as choir director and drama instructor at First Presbyterian Church. She has great energy, creativity, enthusiasm and heart.

Her passion for music is contagious, and when you step into her music room you find students who are engaged, happy and confident

Ruth is an excellent instructor – challenging all ages in areas of vocal performance, theory, and music appreciation (when most of the time my boys just thought they were “having fun!”) Her program is dynamic and always evolving
We are fortunate Ruth is joining our music school and I am certain she will continue the tradition of excellence .. 


Cyndi C
"Miss Ruth, We love you! Makenzie is still playing her recorder, glock and dulcimer. I can never thank you enough for all you've taught her. She will have a lifelong love of music. I couldn't be happier about that. :)"


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